Open Data Hub 1.4.1 Release Guide

What is new?

Changes included in the Open Data Hub v1.4.1 release:

  • ODH Core Notebook Images - As part of our ODH Core deployment, we are now providing Jupyter Notebook images with CUDA support by default. These images will be updated continuously for security and package version updates on a regular cadence
    • Jupyter Python Notebook
    • Jupyter Data Science Notebook - CPU & CUDA
    • Jupyter PyTorch Notebook - CUDA
    • Jupyter Tensorflow Notebook - CUDA
  • ODH Dashboard v2.5.2 – Release Notes & ChangeLog since previous ODH release
    • Demo from November ODH Community Meeting
    • New OdhApplication CustomResources to dynamically add component tiles
    • Jupyter/KFNBC now supports opening in a new tab
    • Data Science Groupings (DSG)
      • Optional feature – enabled through the disableProjects (set to false) feature flag found in OdhDashboardConfig
      • When enabled it will grant access to users of the Dashboard the ability to create their own projects in OpenShift Console through the Dashboard interface
      • Within’ projects, you’ll be able to create the same Juypter Notebooks (now called Workbenches within’ the DSG as to grow beyond Notebooks in time)
    • Model Serving UI

The following is a list of components that are available in v1.4.1 release of odh-manifests:

Technology Version Category
Open Data Hub Dashboard v2.5.2 Dashboard
Open Data Hub Notebook Images v1.3.1 Jupyter
Model Mesh Serving v0.9.0 AI/ML
Data Science Pipelines v1.2.1 Data Science Tools