Open Data Hub 1.4.0 Release Guide

What is new?

Changes included in the Open Data Hub v1.4.0 release:

  • Refocus on deployment of ODH Core components
    • ODH Dashboard v2.2.1
      • Lots of security fixes – all end points are secured through the x-forwarded-access-token provided by the oauth container during setup
      • Users should not be able to request resources that are not theres (with the exception of admins)
      • Various QoL fixes to make the Dashboard smoother
      • Allow the admin to view the servers that are running from the Administration view
      • Migration to ODH Notebook Controller for lifecycle management of Jupyter notebook servers
    • Model Mesh Serving v0.9.0
    • Data Science Pipelines - Standalone distribution of Kubeflow Pipelines Tekton v1.3.1 customized for Open Data Hub
  • Migration of Tier 2 components to odh-contrib-manifests in the opendatahub-io-contrib organization
  • Deprecation of JupyterHub component - As of ODH 1.4, ODH has replaced JupyterHub multi-user server with ODH Notebook Controller for lifecycle management of Jupyter Notebook servers. JupyterHub is still available for deployment but there will be no further updates and it will be officially deprecated with the release of ODH 1.5

The following is a list of components that are available in v1.4.0 release of odh-manifests:

Technology Version Category
Open Data Hub Dashboard v2.0 Dashboard
Open Data Hub notebook-controller N/A Notebooks
Model Mesh v0.9.0  
Data Science Pipelines v1.3.1 Data Science Tools