Open Data Hub 1.3.0 Release Guide

What is new?

Changes included in the Open Data Hub v1.3.0 release:

  • Updated components:
    • ODH Dashboard v2.0 - Major update to the code base that adds an Admin Dashboard that supports the administration of:
      • Timeout for culling idle notebooks
      • Size of the persistent volume attached to user’s Jupyter notebook pods
      • Bring Your Own Notebook(BYON)
        • Import custom notebook images and make them available to users in the notebook spawner UI
        • Notebook descriptions and the list of major software packages it provides
    • JupyterHub v0.3.7 - Add support to the JH Spawner UI to display the maximum number of available gpus per node
    • Elyra v3.9.1 - Release Notes
  • Support for the integration of Service Mesh with Kubeflow v1.5 on OpenShift (kfdef)

The following is a list of components that are available in v1.3.0 release of odh-manifests:

Technology Version Category Deployment Method
Open Data Hub Dashboard v2.0 Dashboard Manifests
Openshift Pipelines * Pipelines OLM
Hue v4.8.0 Data Exploration Manifests
Airflow v1.10.11 Workflow Management Manifests
Grafana * Monitoring Dashboards OLM
Elyra v3.9.1 Data science tools Manifests
Kafka Strimzi v2.8.0 Distributed Streaming OLM
Argo v2.12.5 Workflow Engine Manifests
Prometheus * Monitoring OLM
Apache Superset v1.4.1 Data Exploration and Visualization Tool Manifests
Ceph Nano v0.7 Object Storage Manifests

NOTE: Any components listed above that do not specify a version will use the default operator version available in OpenShift OperatorHub at the time of deployment