Open Data Hub 1.1.2 Release Guide

What is new?

In Open Data Hub v1.1.2 includes updates to:

  • Additional components to support the deprecation of kubernetes apis in OpenShift 4.9 (k8s v1.22).
    • ODH components on OCP 4.9+ KFDef
  • Support for the deployment of Kubeflow v1.4.0-rc2 on OpenShift KFDef
    • For detailed information on Kubeflow v1.4 components please visit the official Kubeflow 1.4 release blog

The following is a list of components that are available in v1.1.2 release of odh-manifests:

Technology Version Category Deployment Method
Openshift Pipelines v1.3.1 Pipelines OLM
Trino v355 SQL Query Engine Manifests
Spark Thrift Server   SQL Connect Manifests
Hue v4.8.0 Data Exploration Manifests
Open Data Hub Dashboard v1.0 Dashboard Manifests
Airflow v1.10.11 Workflow Management Manifests
Grafana v7.1.1 Monitoring Dashboards OLM
JupyterHub v0.3.5 Data science tools Manifests
Elyra v2.2.4 Data science tools Manifests
Kafka Strimzi v2.8.0 Distributed Streaming OLM
Argo v2.12.5 Workflow Engine Manifests
Prometheus v2.16.0 Monitoring OLM
Apache Spark v2.4.5 Operator for managing Spark cluster on OpenShift Manifests
Apache Superset v1.3.2 Data Exploration and Visualization Tool Manifests
Seldon v1.2.2 Model Serving OLM
Ceph Nano v0.7 Object Storage Manifests