Monitoring for the Data Hub

02 Jul 2019

The Open Data Hub community is happy to announce the addition of monitoring to the Open Data Hub via Prometheus and Grafana. This will make it much easier for IT departments and devops engineers to manage their deployments of the Open Data Hub.

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Open Data Hub 0.3 Release Guide

27 Jun 2019

Open Data Hub 0.3 just released with exciting new tools for different AI/ML platform phases. We added monitoring, model serving and GPU processing tools.

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Project Road Map for 2019

29 Apr 2019

The Open Data Hub community has some exciting new features planned for 2019. Driven by the release of OpenShift 4, we have officially moved to operators. This will make deployment and management of the services easier for administrators.

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Open Data Hub Overview

04 Dec 2018

Built on OpenShift, Open Data Hub uses the leading Kubernetes platform to deliver a meta-project that integrates Open Source components into a practical service-oriented AI and ML solution. Organizations and IT departments can deploy Open Data Hub as a centralized self-service solution for analytic and data science workloads.

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Open Data Hub at DevConf.US 2018

28 Nov 2018

The Open Data Hub team had several announcements and talks at DevConf.US 2018! Watch the recorded sessions to learn more about the project.

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