Data Exploration


This tutorial requires that you followed the basic tutorial. Make sure you enabled the following components in Open Data Hub CR:

  • spark-operator
  • data-catalog

All screenshots and instructions are from OpenShift 4.2.

Exploring Data Catalog

The Data Catalog is a set of components with which you can read data stored in Data Lakes, create tables and query them in a SQL-like style. You can find below a picture of the simplified architecture of Data Catalog:

Data Catalog Architecture

These are the components that are part of Data Catalog:

  • Hive Metastore, responsible for maintaining the table metadata created by the user to query the data stored in Ceph/S3
  • Spark SQL Thrift server to enable an endpoint where clients can connect using an ODBC/JDBC connection
  • Cloudera Hue as a Data Exploration tool to explore the Data Lake, create tables and query them. You can also create dashboards using the tables managed by Hive Metastore

Using Data Catalog

  1. Find the route to Hue. Within your Open Data Hub Project click on Networking -> Routes OpenShift routes

  2. For the route named hue, click on the location to bring up Hue (typically

  3. It will open the first-time login page where you can create the superuser for Hue. Hue user creation

  4. As the first login, Hue will show a tutorial about the interface. You can skip the tutorial by closing the window. Hue tutorial

  5. The Hue editor will appear in a blank textarea. Hue editor

Now we can create a table from a file inside the Data Lake.

Creating and querying tables

  1. Let’s create first a database with the following command (You can run the query by either clicking on the play button in the left or type Ctrl+Enter):
    CREATE DATABASE opendatahub;
  2. In the explorer, click on the refresh button. The new database will appear: New database created

  3. Now let’s select the database with the command:
    USE opendatahub;
  4. We will create a table from the sample_data.csv file used in the Basic Tutorial section:
    CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE opendatahub.sample(
     timestamp TIMESTAMP,
     name STRING,
     field STRING,
     primary_audience STRING,
     key_people STRING,
     outcome STRING,
     full_notes STRING,
     email STRING,
     sample_date DATE,
     notes STRING,
     lowlights STRING,
     learnings STRING,
     trip_region STRING,
     number_of_days INT,
     estimated_cost FLOAT,
     product_mix STRING
    ROW FORMAT SERDE 'org.apache.hadoop.hive.serde2.OpenCSVSerde'
    "separatorChar" = ",",
    "quoteChar" = "\"",
    "escapeChar" = "\\" 
    LOCATION 's3a://<csv-file-location>'

    NOTE: The LOCATION statement needs a path to the directory where the file is stored, not the file path.

  5. You will see the result of table creation. New table created

  6. We can now query the data.
    select * from opendatahub.sample limit 10;
  7. Check the query results in Hue. Query results